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You wanted to play, the coldness follows
This isn’t a game
Your life, I’ll swallow
And I can’t help, but smile at your pain
You wanted to play, but I already won
Gloating, I plant the seed inside your head,
Right away, watch it grow, destroying your insides,
Pleading to comfort you with my sadistic ways,
I watch the tears fall, I crack a smile

One, I love hurting you
Two, I love your pain
Three, let’s get together and play the sinner’s game
Four is for the torture and
Five is for the shame
Cause every time you want it I get off on this game
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Fake people don’t surprise me anymore, loyal people do.

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What doesn’t kill me should’ve tried harder

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Be proud of who you are, and not ashamed of how someone else sees you.

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Do not try to flirt with me, cause i will make sure that you'll fall in love with me and if you do. I will leave you hanging just like how storms leave a certain place after they destroyed it.
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My only advice for dealing with me is, catch me while I care.

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